Thursday, November 27, 2008

Anti - Defy The System


Highly recommended 80's LA Punk/Hardcore. Much better than their first LP, DEFY THE SYSTEM has more melodies, better songs. Great west coast punk/HC.

From their 1st LP (I Don't Want To Die In Your War LP...described as "Simple 3-chord hardcore from a time where everybody tried to be the fastest") the guys seem to have learned since their last album, they at least now know four chords, which are also displayed a bit better, the speed was somewhat curtailed, the sound was very, very good. Now at last you can hear where the band comes from: California, the lyrics are very committed, but everywhere one hears the more trendy Ca / LA sound (see Lost Cause). Not bad, sometimes sounds almost like a simpler version of the early Circle Jerks, Social Distortion, with a would-Posh Boy-production. Get this now!--FLEX

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